Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Can I charge my ACER laptop with an USB charger connection?

Can I charge my ACER laptop with an USB charger connection?
The place where you insert the charger into the back of my ACER laptop is not working. The cord some how pushed the piece in. I want to know if it is possible for me to charge the laptop through one of the USB ports.
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No. USB cannot handle the amount of power needed to run a laptop and does not have the functionality to do so. The reason the AC jack is broken is not because it was pushed in, but because you used it with the AC plugged into the computer and was not careful. People do not realize how fragile the connection is, it is just a piece of plastic. So likely someone tripped over the cord while it was plugged in, or moved it while the cord was plugged in and bumped it or simply put pressure on it while it was plugged in. The bottom line is you will have to pay to have someone resolder the AC connection to the motherboard and repair the jack. This is not cheap, nor is it permanent because the replacement is not done with original parts. Expect to pay ~$150-300 for repair, as the technician will likely have to completely disassemble the laptop to get to the jack.

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