Thursday, April 28, 2011

I cant hear sound on my acer laptop.How can I get it back?

I cant hear sound on my acer laptop.How can I get it back?
I can not hear sound on my acer laptop , when i plug in headphones or speakers I can.I have volume control working and everything seems to be in check.Does anyone have any ideas or solutions to solve my problem?
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these internal speakers might be damaged. you can verify if its a h/w problem and not any software or settings problem. just boot your system with any live cd/dvd for example Ubuntu and play any audio/vedio cd. and please remember not to try any mp3 as that might not be supported on default installation of live cd.
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I would recommend trying to update your sound driver. Right click on My Computer > Properties > Hardware > Device Manager (on Windows XP). Find your sound card under the list > double click it > click driver > Update Driver. This will see if Microsoft has an update for the driver. If it does, it will be automatically installed. If not, I recommend going to the support website for your laptop and seeing if you can download the most recent driver for your sound card. If you manage to find and install a driver, be sure to restart your computer to make sure it takes effect. If none of this works, it may be possible that the speakers on your laptop are shot. It really wouldn't be worth it to replace the speakers on your laptop... you would be better off to purchase some computer speakers on Tiger Direct or Best Buy, at least so you can listen to your media without using headphones. Hope this helps. Good Luck :)
3 :
Your drivers may be out of date. Try updating them. Hope this helps.

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