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How to clear everything off of my Acer laptop and completley start over?

How to clear everything off of my Acer laptop and completley start over?
I have a stupid Acer laptop, and it's been running very slow latley. I removed almost all of the programs that I had downloaded, and it's still being slow. I want to reboot the entire thing and start off brand new. I tried reading the manuel and I don't see anything in it about rebooting the system. How do I do this?
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1 :
place recovery disk in cd drive >restart follow instructions
2 :
if you have a windows cd boot from it. to do this wait till the first boot screen and in the top corner or bottom corner it will have boot menu or boot options with a key next to it. press that key then at the next scree you should have the option to boot from cd. if you dont have the cd you may have a recovery partition on your drive that you can boot from using the same steps use that to reinstall windows
3 :
When you first purchased your Acer, it would have asked you to create a restore CD or DVD, using these to reboot your laptop from them will help you re-create your laptop driver as the time when you created the backup. If have not done that, check by pressing F8 or F12 when the laptop is booting to find if the system has a restore built in option. I would however suggest that you run an Anti-Virus Like AVG and an Anti Spyware like Spybot or AntiMalware to help clean your system. Spyware is usually the main reason you get your system to slow down. Hope this helps.
4 :
you should check your hard drive, maybe it is starting to fail. If so rebooting won't help. Google for "check hdd smart attributes" to see how healthy your hard drive is. Also when it is running slow open task manager and see, maybe there is one particular program which eats up all CPU/memory. Check you computer for viruses. Yeah, maybe start with it and then do other stuff :) Go to Start -> Run -> cmd, type chkdsk c: /R and let it scan the disk for bad sectors.

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